Sunscreen Blind


Sunscreen Blind

Sunscreen Blind , also known as a solar roller blind, is a type of window covering that is designed to filter and block sunlight while still allowing some visibility to the outside. It is made with a fabric that has a mesh-like structure, typically woven from PVC-coated fiberglass or polyester. The fabric allows natural light to enter the room while reducing glare and blocking harmful UV rays.

Sunscreen roller blinds are popular for their ability to provide privacy without sacrificing visibility. They offer a balance between natural light and protection from harmful sun rays. These blinds are commonly used in sun-facing rooms, offices, or spaces that require a certain level of privacy and sun control.

It's important to note that while sunscreen roller blinds help in reducing the intensity of sunlight and UV rays, they may not completely block out light, and their effectiveness in reducing heat gain may vary depending on the fabric's openness factor and the specific window treatment used.


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